my publications

On a mission to understand human interactions with technology, and along the way, develop more trustworthy and sustainable designs and technologies. Here's a list of my recent work.

EmpathiCH: Scrutinizing Empathy-Centric Design Beyond the Individual

A Debnath, A Lahnala, HU Genç, E Soubutts, M Lahav, T Horne, W Meijer, Y Suen Pai, Y Hsu, G Barbareschi, H Verma, A Mauri

CHI 2024 Workshop PDF

Diversifying knowledge production in HCI: exploring materiality and novel formats for scholarly expression

M Sturdee, HU Genç, V Wanick

TEI 2024 Workshop PDF

On the effectiveness of creating conversational agent personalities through prompting

H Gu, C Degachi, HU Genç, S Chandrasegaran, H Verma

CIKM 2023 Workshop Paper PDF

How sustainable is your menu? Designing and assessing an interactive artefact to support chefs’ sustainable recipe-planning practices

A Coskun, HU Genç, A Coskun

COMPASS 2023 Full Paper PDF

Mind the Whisper: Enriching Collocated Social Interactions in Public Places through Audio Narratives

HU Genç, D Erdem, Ç Yıldırım, A Coskun

DIS 2022 Full Paper PDF

Gestural interaction in the kitchen: Insights into designing an interactive display controlled by hand specific on-skin gestures

C Beşevli, HU Genç, A Coşkun, T Göksun, Y Yemez, O Özcan

The Design Journal 2022 Journal Paper PDF

A Study into Designing an Ambient Water Bottle that Supports Users' Water-intake Tracking Practices

A Coskun, M Yildiz, H Yilmazer, HU Genç

The Design Society 2021 Journal Paper PDF

KNOBIE: A Design Intervention for Supporting Chefs’ Sustainable Recipe Planning Practices

HU Genç, H Yilmazer, A Coskun

TEI 2021 Late-breaking Work PDF

Designing for social interaction in the age of excessive smartphone Use

HU Genç, A Coskun

CHI 2020 Full Paper PDF

Children in 2077: Designing children's technologies in the age of transhumanism

OO Buruk, HU Genç, et al.

CHI 2020 Extended Abstracts PDF

Stop wasting, start tasting! Design speculations for reducing food waste in the hospitality sector

HU Genç, M Yıldız, H Yılmazer, A Coşkun

DIS 2019 Work in Progress PDF

Are we 'really' connected? understanding smartphone use during social interaction in public places

HU Genç, F Gökşen, A Coşkun

NordiCHI 2018 Paper PDF

GROW: a smart bottle that uses its surface as an ambient display to motivate daily water intake

G Kaner, HU Genç, SB Dinçer, D Erdoğan, A Coşkun

CHI 2018 Extended Abstracts PDF