hey, I'm uğur 👋

I'm a Human-Computer Interaction researcher, designer and developer. I currently work as a Postdoc at TU Delft KInD research group, where I do my research on Design for Behavioral Change, Persuasive Tech, and Artificial Intelligence.

Me speaking on stage at React Summit about the future of Next.js
Me standing on stage at Reactathon delivering the keynote
Me and Guillermo Rauch on stage for Vercel Ship, answering questions from the Next.js community
Me, Lydia, and Delba filming the Next.js Conf keynote
My badge on top of a pile of badges from a Vercel meetup we held
Me standing on stage at SmashingConf giving a talk about my optimism for the web

I hold my Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction from Koç University in Istanbul, Turkey. My doctoral research aimed to enhance social interactions in public spaces. I have published papers at CHI, DIS, and other HCI and Design conferences. I was honored with a Ph.D. Excellence award for my dissertation and have taught courses on Design Thinking UX Research and 3D Printing at both undergraduate and graduate levels. I am a co-lecturer in the Design Analytics course at TU Delft, covering the quantitative research methods for HCI.

Alongside my academic pursuits, I worked as a designer at Siemens for two years, where I contributed to projects on data visualizations for industrial smart machines, collaborating with international teams. I am also a freelance Product Designer, and developing digital products for companies.